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How To Do How To Do Tricep Bench Dips

We’ve been spending some time talking about tricep-targeting exercises, which seem to be lesser-known especially to beginners. This can be a difficult muscle group to target due to being supporting muscles, often having to depend on secondary benefits from bicep-focused sets. 

This one is actually very effective, and is accessible to beginners, but it requires some caution due to how precarious it can be. The bench dip is amusing to watch someone perform, because it really looks like an improvised, “improper” way to go about exercising – something you’d see the underdog protagonist from a boxing or sports movie doing in a montage. 

Well, why not? It works! Let’s take a look at how to do a proper bench dip today. 

What You Need 

You need two narrow benches with solid bases providing significant balance, on a floor where they don’t easily slide. They should be padded. You should wear shoes, to provide better grip. Perhaps have someone within at least shouting distance in case you have a bad spill doing this exercise. 

How To Do Triceps Muscles Worked

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  • First, place the benches parallel to each other. The space should be about ¼ more than the length of your legs – your waist and back should clear the bench, bit not require you to reach dangerously far back.
  • Lying across the benches, slide into the gap, supporting your weight with your arms, elbows bent back, palms firmly on the edge. Support your legs with your heels on the other bench.
  • Bending the elbows and shoulders, lower yourself into the gap to the depth you feel is comfortable. If your buttocks hits the floor, consider tightening the gap a bit.
  • Raise yourself back up.


Test the benches before you place yourself in this position. Make sure they won’t scoot or tip easily. If you fall, chances are it’ll just knock the wind out of you, but you run a chance of bruising your tailbone or bashing your head against the bench behind you.

Don’t attempt this if you have severe back or joint problems.

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