How To Do Zottoman Curls

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How To Do How To Do Zottoman Curls

We’ve been looking at a lot of simple, accessible exercises you can do to work your biceps without elaborate equipment or dangerous sets involved. We feel it’s important to raise awareness of these sorts of exercises, because beginners in fitness need effective, safe sets they can perform, and feel encouraged and see real progress. 

Attempting harder, riskier things like bench presses and chin ups can be beyond the capability of most beginners, and this failure can be discouraging at best, dangerous at worst. This is why we’re looking at a lot of curl techniques since they’re safe, easy, effective and require the bare minimum of exercise equipment to perform. 

Today we’re going to look at the Zottoman curl, which is a slightly more complex (but not difficult) take on the curl set. The additional movements work to also strengthen the forearm as well as the biceps, and help to further improve focus and precise motion. 

What You Need 

All you need are two dumbbells of equal and reasonable weight. If you’re going to do a prolonged set of these, a mat and comfortable gym shoes are a kindness you can show your feet as well. 

Zottoman Curls Muscles Worked

Animation triceps biceps.gif
By NiwadareOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


  • Stand up straight, gripping the dumbbells with your palms facing in ward. 
  • Turn your palms to face outward and lift up until your elbows until they reach a 90 degree angle. 
  • Rotate to face your palms toward you, and lower them back down under muscle power. 
  • Turn your palms again to face outward, and lift once more. 
  • With each lift and lower, repeat the wrist turns. 


Be sure to turn them in a steady, controlled way, don’t “fling” them. Never let gravity do the lowering for you. If you have arthritic problems, consult a doctor first. Of course, never overdo the weight. 

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