How To Deadlift

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How To Deadlift

Deadlifting is one of those classic exercises that many use to show off just how far they’ve come in their progress to build the body they’ve always wanted. It’s actually a solid exercise to train the back, legs and some secondary muscle groups as well. The thing is, it’s actually a dangerous exercise to do if you don’t know what you’re doing, and is very difficult to. 

With an exercise like this, the importance of caution and proper form cannot be overstated, as it’s very, very easy to inure yourself if you do this wrong. Deadlifting is a serious set, and overinflated egos or carelessness can result in hospital trips. 

What You Need 

You need a mat to stand on with this set, because the weight and foot pressure could damage your arches painfully without some support and padding. You need a pair of gloves – a good, safe grip is important with this routine. And lastly, you need a barbell with sensible weight to it. 

Deadlift Muscles Worked


  • Stand in front of the barbell, with your feet half way underneath it. 
  • Bend over at the waist and knees, gripping the bar, hands about shoulder-width apart. 
  • Straighten your lower back and lift your chest for proper form and poise. 
  • Be sure to breathe in deeply first, and hold the breath as you stand back up with the weight. Do not attempt to lift the weight further. 


Be sensible with the weight on the barbell. Know your limits, don’t let zeal or ego result in hospitalization. If you have back or leg problems, consult your doctor before attempting an exercise like this. Try not to do something like this alone. Be sure to rest between lifts, don’t try to do this rhythmically, it will damage your knees and possibly your back and shoulders. 

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