How To Close Grip Benchpress

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How To Close Grip Benchpress

The bench press is quite a classic exercise routine, excellent for working the tricep, as well as training you on deliberate, safe, controlled motions. Not unlike chin ups, it’s considered something of a hallmark for how fit someone is, which isn’t an accurate judgment of fitness. In fact, also like chin ups, bench pressing much weight is something you shouldn’t attempt when you’re just starting out. 

If you’re ready, though, consider the close-grip barbell bench press, which is one of the easier ones to reach competence with, while still getting the total work out of your tricep muscle group you desire. This should never be attempted alone, due to the dangers of being directly under significant weight – always have a spotter. 

What You Need 

All you need is a bench and rack, and a balanced barbell. It’s a good idea to wear gloves for safe grip as well. You also really need a spotter, for the sake of your safety. 

Close Grip Bench Press Muscles Worked

Actions – Close Grip Bench press

  • Lie back on the bench, your back flat and straight. 
  • Grip the barbell with your hands about shoulder-width apart. 
  • Grip and lower the barbell and lift it to full extension – your start position for this routine. 
  • Lower the barbell slowly until it’s just above your chest, keeping your elbows bent. 
  • Pause for a second, and take a deep breath, lifting it back up slowly. 
  • Repeat until completed, at which point, place the bar back on the rack. 


Do not attempt excess weight with this exercise. If you have arthritis or shoulder problems, consult a doctor before attempting any kind of bench pressing. Always have a spotter if possible, even if you’re an old hand at this sort of exercise. Remember to wear gloves that ensure a safe grip as well. 
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