How To Do Push-ups

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How To Do Push-ups For Beginners

Push ups have become something of a stereotype for the military exercise used for fitness and to punish trainees. No doubt, this is a strenuous exercise, and one that beginners, depending on their shape when starting out, may not be able to do very well, or for very long. However, even beginners should try, and strive, to be able to perfect the proper push up form, and to lengthen the duration of sets they can do. 

This is a great cardiovascular set that helps to learn discipline, endurance, and is excellent for toning the chest and shoulders. It’s actually an easy thing to learn, but takes training and patience to perfect, especially if you’re starting out in less than ideal shape. 

What You Need 

If you have elbow problems, braces might be wise. Aside from that, really, you just need a clean floor or preferably a mat. That’s it. 

Push Ups Muscles Worked

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  • Get to the ground, face down. 
  • Place your palms firmly on the ground, a little more than shoulder width apart. Your elbows will flare up and outward in their bent state. 
  • Support your legs, straight, on your toes. 
  • Lifting with the elbows and shoulders, press upward until your arms are straight. 
  • Lower under slow, controlled release, exhaling as you lower, inhaling as you lift. 


If you have shoulder, elbow or back problems, clear it with your doctor before trying this exercise. The same goes for people with heart conditions. If your feet have problems, consider alternative forms. 

Don’t overdo it, given time, you will be able to do more, faster, for a longer period of time. Starting out, ten of these may exhaust you. Endurance and staying power come with time and work. 

Don’t get cocky, trying silly things like one-armed push ups or other such things – these aren’t actually any better, and can result in you hurting yourself. 

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