How To Do Front Laterals Superset with Side Laterals

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How To Do Front Laterals Superset with side laterals

Those looking for a more effective, involved workout for their shoulders and laterals may find some interesting techniques with dumbbells interesting. These are a safer form of equipment to work with than barbells or cable pulleys, which makes these exercises a lot more accessible due to limited equipment needs, and the often beginner level needed to get into them. 

The thing is, these can be a bit more complicated in some cases, because there need to be more mechanical movements involved to equate more strenuous and elaborate equipment. An example of this is the front lateral superset with side laterals. 

This exercise has an oscillating pattern of one set of motions, followed by an exact reverse motion back to the starting position. It’s an excellent way to train for motion rhythm, control and overcoming the urge to cheat in your exercise routines. 

What You Need 

All you need are two reasonably and equally weighted dumbbells, a decent pair of exercise gloves, and a mat (if you plan on a long set with these – be nice to your feet). This is a safe exercise, so you can perform it alone. 

Front Laterals Superset with side laterals Muscles Worked

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  • Gripping the dumbbells at your side, stand up straight, palms turned inward, elbows slightly bent.
  • List the dumbbells upward and outward, into T-pose, with your elbows remaining bent.
  • Bring them inward until your palms are shout shoulder length apart.
  • Lower them down, until they’re directly in front of your pelvis.
  • Reversing, bring them back up, and then separate them back out to the T-pose.
  • Lower them once more to your side, the starting position.


All of these motions should be slow and deliberate. Never hoist, thrust or swing the dumbbells. Don’t let gravity do any of the lowering. Try to bend your back, waist and legs as little as possible. Don’t overdo the weight.

If you have shoulder problems, consult your physician first.

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