How To Do Standing Dumbbell Military Press

How To Do Standing Dumbbell Military Press

Shoulder muscles are one of the harder groups to target in some cases. Just like most routines in an average workout, these muscles are a secondary group that gets targeted, making definition and the loss of fat in your deltoids rather difficult to achieve.

Fortunately, for those at an intermediate or above level, there are a number of very simple yet effective routines that can solve this problem.

What You Need

All you need are two evenly-weighted dumbbells and a bench. It’s a good idea to also have gloves for safe gripping, and of course, if you have back problems, some lumbar support to prevent spinal stress.

Standing Dumbbell Military Press Muscles Worked

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  • Lay back on the bench, feet planted firmly on the floor, a little further than shoulder width apart.
  • Grip the dumbbells, palms facing inward, bent at the elbows. The dumbbells should be pressed together just above the chest. Do not let the weight rest directly on your chest, but contact is alright.
  • Bending the elbows primarily, lift the dumbbells upward until you’re reaching for the ceiling, keeping them together the entire time.
  • Hold this position for a second or so.
  • Lower them back down to above your chest, remembering not to rest the weight directly on your chest. Don’t let gravity lower them for you! 


You don’t need excessive weight for this. Don’t let your ego or zeal cause you to injure yourself. This has been said twice already, but do not repeat, do not let the weight rest directly on your chest. 

If you have arthritis problems or severe back problems, consult your doctor before attempting this set. 

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