Sena GP10 Bluetooth Pack for the GoPro Review

If you have always wanted to record turn-by-turn commentary on your rides and you use a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 to record, the Sena GP10 Bluetooth pack is a must-have accessory. The “BacPac” allows you to record narration in real time using Sena’s “Ultra HD Voice Recording” mode or the “Normal” mode. You can even combine voices from other intercom users so the entire conversation can be used as an overlay voice-over. Download the Sena GP10 User Guide Here

What is the Sena GP10 Bluetooth Pack for GoPro?

Using Bluetooth headsets, the Sena GP10 Bluetooth Pack allows you to narrate the video while you are recording, reducing the need for audio editing and creating real-time audio experiences as part of your video. It is only compatible with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 cameras. The microphone can capture voice and sound up to 110 yards and has a talk time of up to three hours.

Using the Sena GP10 GoPro Backpack

Connecting the GP10 is simple, attaching like any other GoPro accessory. Gently push the connector into the bus slot and hook the end over the camera to connect. Keep in mind that the USB jumper must be connected between the GP10 and the camera and, because the pack sticks out from the side of the camera a bit, it cannot be used with the waterproof housing that comes standard with the GoPro, but Sena makes an optional waterproof housing that will accommodate the jumper. Once the GP10 is connected, pair the GoPro by pressing and holding the pairing button until the status announcement lets you know it is connected. The instructions that come with the GP10 can be confusing, however. There are two switches on the back of the GP10, one to power the GP10 and another to turn the microphone on the GoPro itself.

Sena GP10 GoPro Backpack in Action

It is highly recommended that you don’t use the solo GP10 when recording ambient sound from the GoPro’s microphone as the wind noise quickly overwhelms the voice. Sena reports that an update will correct this problem in the future. There does not seem to be much difference between the “Normal” mode and the “Ultra HD Voice Recording Quality” mode.

Overall, the Sena GP10 GoPro Backpack works well and is an excellent accessory for those who wish to record narrative on their video in real-time. Even with the GP10, you will still want to add a video editing application if you are serious about recording action video as the GP10 does not eliminate the need for video editing. One area where the GP10 could be very beneficial is the creation of instructional videos where narrating what you are doing is very helpful for a beginner. To learn more about the Sena GP10 GoPro Packpack and other adventure accessories, visit my YouTube channel today.

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