Viking Moto Motorcycle Backpack Review

Viking Moto Motorcycle Backpack Review

Let’s all agree that the biggest problem with our bikes being daily transportation is the lack of hauling capacity.

So, just as in our scholastic days, backpacks to the rescue! But not just any backpack will do. We’re out in the elements, we’re hauling heavier stuff than a few books, and of course, we don’t want to look like a vagabond. That’s where awesome designs like the Viking Bag’s Motorcycle Backpack shine.

This isn’t your high school backpack, oh no. This Cordura backpack features a modern classic look with leather trim and an understated aesthetic that will match your jacket and your bike, no matter what type of bike you like to ride.

Let’s take a closer look at this awesome bag, and how it can make your daily rides so much cooler.

Shot and Edited by Shaun Maddox


As I said, this backpack is made of Cordura, a modern marvel of material sciences that fits comfortably on your body, while not being a floppy, frail backpack. With dimensions of 18.5”x12.5”x5”, you can carry groceries, personal items, or personal items with ease and comfort no other bag can offer.

Need more organization, or to haul some electronics with you? Well, Viking’s completely onboard with 21st-century life, including a laptop sleeve and stretchy, sewn in pockets for organizing your styluses, connection cords, your phone, and anything else delicate and vital you may need to carry.

That’s not even the coolest thing this bag can do. We all know how important our helmet is for safety, but when we get off our bike, it becomes a cumbersome nuisance to carry around or somehow safely secure to our bike. With this Viking bag, that’s not an issue, thanks to the stretchy helmet lining which can hold pretty much any helmet of any size no problem.

Gone are any excuses, whatsoever, to forego your helmet. You know who you are!

The Feel

I took one of these out for a day ride, that is about 6 hours round trip, to go shopping in another area (I usually wouldn’t, but it’s a good field test for gear like this). By the time I reached my destination, I almost forgot this bag was even attached to me, and that was with a heavy laptop and backup battery in my bag.

I did, however, notice that as I took the bag off when going into a restaurant, that my shirt was a bit damp, as I’d sweat from where it blocked air flow to an extent. However, having had other bags leave the back of my shirt completely soaked through, I’d call this a considerable improvement in that department. Given this bag is weatherized, it kind of can’t have the airflow of something mesh, and I’d rather sweat a tiny bit while having my stuff protected from the elements.

What really caught my attention was the lack of soreness or discomfort across my shoulders, neck and upper back. I’m a broad-shouldered fellow, which means most backpacks with any weight, tend to tug on muscles and leave me sore or even numb – the broad design of the straps both across the shoulders and waist, didn’t cause that problem at all.

Pros and Cons


  • This is an attractive bag that doesn’t scream “hobo” or “kid”, with a professional yet casual aesthetic that matches any jacket well enough.
  • It’s weatherized, and will protect everything with gusto.
  • It’s very comfortable, and the strap designs don’t cause soreness, discomfort or circulation problems.
  • I can carry my electronics in an organized fashion – this modern thinking is lost on a lot of biking gear companies.
  • The helmet lining does the biking community two great services by making our helmets no longer a nuisance, and eliminating any excuses for anyone to foolishly leave their helmets behind.


  • Being weatherized, you will sweat a little bit, it can’t be helped.
  • While attractive, the black may not be everyone’s taste.
  • I know a few hefty guys who might find the fit of this bag, adjustable as it is, to be a bit precarious.


  • Heavy duty Cardura Construction.
  • Reflective piping for additional night time visibility.
  • Built in helmet hood.
  • Fits most 15″ laptops in padded compartment.
  • Detailed organizer for your keys, wallet and other small items.
  • Protective eyewear pocket.
  • Duraflex® buckles throughout for added strength.
  • Audio Ready.
  • Height and width adjustable sternum strap.
  • Aerodynamic molded body.


I like this bag. It’s not perfect, and I can see some room for improvement in variety of color schemes as well as a bit more adjustability in the straps for bigger people. I’d also like to see another model that’s stretchier, for if I have more stuff to haul back.

Nonetheless, this is a nice bag, and if you ride your bike for daily things like I do in decent weather, you owe it to yourself to give a bag like this a try!

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