RunThaCity’s 300 Pullup Challenge: Ultimate Pullup Training

There is nothing that says you need to be big to be strong. Even if your build is thin, you can build muscle that gives you more strength. Your size is no indication of how strong you actually are. One way to build better muscle is by mastering the pullup. Some trainers say that the pullup puts smaller-framed body builders on a level playing field with those with large frames. You may be able to deadlift hundreds of pounds, but if you cannot meet the 300 Pullup Challenge, you’re not really as strong as you think.

300 Pullup Challenge

The 300 Pullup Challenge is relatively simple. The goal is to complete 300 pullups in one hour. The easiest way to do this is by breaking them down into sets of 10. Complete 30 sets of 10 in one hour and you’ve conquered the 300 Pullup Challenge. The only equipment you need is a pullup bar, which you can probably find on a local playground, music to get you moving and a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Do ten pullups in quick succession, stop, walk around for 30 seconds to a minute, then do the second set. Continue until you have completed 30 sets of 10.

300 Pull-up Challenge Workout:

Feel free to do these in any order you choose.

  • 10 Sets Of 10 Reps Wide Grip100

  • 10 Sets Of 10 Reps Under Hand Grip (Chin ups)100

  • 10 Sets Of 10 Reps Close Grip Overhand100

Pullups Keep You Honest

One of the best things about pullups is that they keep you honest. Many bodybuilders claim that a pull-up is an unfair test for larger people, but this is far from true. A 250-pound person should be able to master the 300 Pullup Challenge as easily as someone who weighs half as much. The only reason pull-ups may be difficult for a larger person is if they have excess body fat. If you find that your form is lacking or that you are having difficulty completing the challenge, you may need to include pull-ups in your workout more often.


Pullup Bottom
Pullup Bottom Position
Pullup Top
Pullup Top Position

Watch Your Form

Before you attempt to conquer the 300 Pullup Challenge, make sure that you can do one rep with proper form. Grab the bar tightly, keep your legs straight and brace your body as you lift with your arms to pull your chin over the bar. Your torso should not fall too far forward or backward. You want to keep your body as tight as possible. You can use an underhand, overhand or neutral grip, but be sure to come to a full extension at the bottom of each rep. You also want to be sure your chin goes above the bar at the top of the reps.

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How many pull ups should i do a day to see results?

I regularly perform 5 sets of 10 as a warm up to most of my workouts.


Work toward the 300 Pullup Challenge once each week and be sure to give yourself plenty of recovery time between sessions. Continue working other muscles during your week, but keep in mind that pullups will work your back and biceps, so you may be able to eliminate some of those exercises during the week. For more tips on getting the most out of your workout, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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