How To Install A Voodoo Slip-On Exhaust

There are multiple reasons that people want to replace the stock mufflers that came installed on their motorcycles and replace them with aftermarket exhausts. Whether your muffler has become worn or you simply want to upgrade to a better-performing exhaust, replacing it is something that is commonly done by motorcycle owners everywhere. Here is how you can install the Voodoo Slip-On Exhaust

1. Read the instructions until you understand them

Before you get started, make sure that you read the instructions and that you understand them. You shouldn’t dive in until you are certain that you understand what you are doing. Then, gather together the tools that you will need to install your new exhaust. 

2. Loosen the joint where it connects

The way in which your muffler is connected will depend on the motorcycle that you own. You may be looking for a gasketed flange joint or a band clamp. When you find the joint, loosen it so that you can get ready to remove your old muffler. 

3. Loosen the bracket for the muffler

After you have loosened the connection joint, you will next need to loosen the brackets for your muffler. You will need to make certain that you provide support to the muffler while you are loosening its bracket. If you don’t, the muffler may strike other parts on your motorcycle and cause some damage. 

4. Take the old muffler off of your motorcycle

While mufflers for motorcycles are called slip-ons, removing your old muffler may still require you to use some force to dislodge it from your bike. After you have taken the old muffler off, store it somewhere safe. 

5. Take your new muffler and slide it over your header pipe

You will be doing the same steps that you just completed when you install your new muffler, but you will be doing them in reverse. If you find that you are having trouble, stop and think about what you are doing.

6. Securing your new muffler

You will secure your new Voodoo exhaust by attaching it with band-style clamps or with brackets. If you have band-style clamps, they will work by tightening around your muffler to hold it in place. Brackets attach to both your motorcycle and your muffler. Make certain that you familiarize yourself with the instructions before trying to secure your muffler. If you have brackets, try tightening them with your fingers first so that you are less likely to damage the parts. After everything is in its proper place, reattach the gasket clamps, flanges or springs that you need to attach the muffler to your head pipe. Make sure that you do not use too much torque. 

7. Wipe your new exhaust down

Before you hop on your motorcycle, make sure that you wipe your new muffler down to remove the oils that you left behind during the installation. If you don’t, it may be stained when it runs with the oils on the surface. 

8. Look for leaks

Turn on your motorcycle and let it run while you look at it for leaks. You should check the top of the headers and the base of your slip-on exhaust. 

Legal issues

Make sure that you understand what the law in your area requires for modifications to your motorcycle’s exhaust. Some modifications are only allowed off of the highways in some states. 

Installing your new Voodoo Slip-On Exhaust is a relatively straightforward process. If you make certain to read the manuals and that you understand the laws in your area, you can soon have a great-looking and sounding muffler on your bike.

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