What are The Benefits Of Deadlifts?

Although squats are one of the best size-building exercises, the deadlift can actually build more major muscle groups and create a stronger physique. One of the main reasons the deadlift is so beneficial is the core strength it builds as your core is a critical health component.

In almost every movement, the core supports the body and deadlifting is the best way to build your core.

Little Equipment Necessary

One of the benefits of deadlifts is that there is minimal equipment required to complete the exercise. You simply need a bar and weights to perform a deadlift. Although wraps are helpful, they are not necessary to perform the exercise.

Deadlifts also have real-life application. Lifting objects from the ground and various angles is something we do on a daily basis. By fine-tuning the deadlift, you will be able to lift heavy objects safely, decreasing the risk of injury from an improper lift.

Building Core

As mentioned, the deadlift is one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen the core. It targets the major muscle groups designed for proper posture and strength. By using a proper deadlift technique, you are forced to hold your back straight and this can transfer to your everyday activities as well.

Maintaining a straight back is one of the best ways to promote core strength. In addition, deadlifting strengthens the surrounding muscles as well, helping to build the lower back, hips, waist and backside. Deadlifting actually works more muscles than the squat, almost working your entire body.

what muscles do deadlifts target

Safer, Healthier Option

Unlike the bench press or squat, you cannot get pinned under the lift, so it is safer to perform. When a deadlift is done correctly, there is no major stress on various joints which also makes it a safer option than squats.

Deadlifts also promote cardio vascular fitness if done with enough intensity. High density deadlifts can provide significant aerobic benefits.

Increased Grip Strength

If you choose to do deadlifts without wraps, you will see a significant increase in your gripping strength. This is due to the sheer weight of the bar and the tightness you need in your hands to keep the bar from slipping.

In fact, the deadlift may be the best example of true strength as it does not emphasize performance aids and employs more muscle groups.

The key to getting the most out of a deadlift is to perform the exercise properly. You need to have the right stance and posture before lifting the weight. To learn more about how to properly perform a deadlift or for more information about lifting and workouts, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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