Where Can I Sell My Motorcycle?

If you have made the decision to sell your motorcycle, whether because you want to upgrade or because you have different priorities, knowing where to sell your bike is as important as knowing what to ask for it.

Selling your bike is already a difficult enough decision in many cases, so there is no need for the added stress of knowing the best place to sell your motorcycle. These tips can help you find the perfect place to sell your bike and will provide you with some tips that could make the process go more smoothly. You can find a few more tips on how to sell your motorcycle here


Why You Should Include Bent over Dumbell Rows In Your Back Workout

Bent over dumbbell rows should not be something you just toss into your back workout every now and then. This type of lift offers significant benefits, something you know if you are doing one-arm dumbbell rows already. If you are not, the following will explain why they are one of the best things you can do when working out your back.

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Sena GP10 Bluetooth Pack for the GoPro Review

If you have always wanted to record turn-by-turn commentary on your rides and you use a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 to record, the Sena GP10 Bluetooth pack is a must-have accessory. The “BacPac” allows you to record narration in real time using Sena’s “Ultra HD Voice Recording” mode or the “Normal” mode. You can even combine voices from other intercom users so the entire conversation can be used as an overlay voice-over. Download the Sena GP10 User Guide Here

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How To Improve Your Squat With Box Squats

Squats are an important part of any workout, not only building leg muscles but also quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. They also provide an anabolic aspect to your workout, improving overall muscle building.

If you have realized how important squats are in your workout, you may be surprised to learn that adding box squats can not only bring added benefits to your workout routine but it could also improve your squatting technique overall.

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HJC IS-17 Motorcycle Helmet Review

The HJC IS-17 helmet is one of the most popular in HJC street helmets, made of advanced polycarbonate composite and with a new 3D face shield design. It is kind of a mixture of the HJC FG-17 and the HJC CL-17, although the FG-17 has a fiberglass composite shell and the IS-17 has a different fit than both the CL-17 and FG-17. Although the IS-17 has a comfortable fit and a sun visor that provides excellent coverage, it does not have good ventilation and the internal sun visor means it does not have Snell certification.

HJC IS-17 Motorcycle Helmet Overall Quality

HJC IS-17 Motorcycle Helmet Overall Quality

All the parts of the IS-17 move together well despite the fact that the recommended retail price is around $162. Despite the cost, the paint and finish are good quality and comparable to helmets that are similarly priced, although it should not be compared to higher priced helmets like Arai or Shoei. The chin curtain, like the CL-17, is an option, although for a few extra dollars, it could be included as standard. The pinlock insert is also an option, although it is not as critical as the chin curtain. The clear plastic face shield has some waviness and clouding that could result in a visibility problem. In addition to the face shield, the fact that 85 percent of the vent holes are blocked is an issue. Very little air flows through the vents to the rider and the fabric liner across the top blocks the top vent.

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Helmet Fit, Internal Shape and Liner

The sizing seems slightly off in the IS-17 with an “XL” fitting more like an “L” and the internal shape feels mostly “neutral” rather than “slightly round” like other HJC helmets. This may be due to the sun visor at the forehead which gives a feeling of less room inside the helmet and a snug fit. The interior is nicely padded and the fabric comfortable. You can remove the cheek pads and liner for washing. There are also optional cheek pads in sizes that range from XS, at 40 mm thickness, to XXL, at 25 mm thickness.

HJC IS-17 Motorcycle Helmet Overall QualityHJC IS-17 Face Shield, Outward Visibility

The face shield operation in the IS-17 is exactly the same as the FG-17 with a center locking lift tab that works fine on the helmet. The center locking lift tab also allows you to adjust for city positions or for an initial defogging. It does have waviness that could affect visibility and which some riders may find unacceptable. The eye ports seem to be slightly better than average despite the sun visor. Once the shield is locked shut, it seals tightly around the eye port gasket. Water drains away from the rider along the top of the gasket and along the sides through a rotating mechanism. The face shield is easy to remove and can be replaced with optional mirrored or tinted face shields.

Helmet Ventilation and Air Flow

Ventilation and air flow in the helmet is one of the biggest problems. The top vent looks as if it should draw in a lot of air but the holes through the lining do not come close to lining up with the vents. In addition, the fabric liner blocks the vent holes to the point that even if air came into the helmet, you would not feel it because the holes are covered. This is not only true of the top vent, but also for the rear exhaust vents. The chin vent does direct air up, but it is an option with a price of between $4 and $5, something that is worth the added cost.

Helmet Ventilation and Air FlowHow are the Helmet Sound Levels?

The HJC IS-17 is quieter than most helmets with general wind noise around the sides. However, since the fit is tighter than other HJC helmets, it keeps the noise levels low. It works well as a windscreen and has low turbulence noise as well. Because the top vent holes are blocked, there is very little noise from the top of the helmet.

Although most of the features of the IS-17 make it a good option, the fact that it does not have the Snell M2010 rating is a major drawback. Studies have shown that nearly 23 percent of helmet impacts are in the forehead region where the internal sun visor sits. In addition, the top vent system and the wavy face plate present significant problems.

What are The Benefits Of Deadlifts?

Although squats are one of the best size-building exercises, the deadlift can actually build more major muscle groups and create a stronger physique. One of the main reasons the deadlift is so beneficial is the core strength it builds as your core is a critical health component.

In almost every movement, the core supports the body and deadlifting is the best way to build your core.

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Sena 3s Bluetooth Headset: Quick Review | SMH3

The Sena 3S Bluetooth Headset can best be described as simple but good, a tiny, light headset that weighs about the same as a few coins. Not only is it light, but it is also very easy to use with just two buttons used to control the headset. The headset is available in two versions – the 3S-B with a boom mic or the 3S-W with a Lilliputian mic.


My First Motovlog

Hi Everyone! This is my first motovlog! I’m riding a 2004 Yamaha YZF-R6. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment!!
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